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*[ Website]
*[ Website]
[[category:Linguistic websites]]
[[category:Linguistic websites]]

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Glǽmscrafu (the Old English name for the Glittering Caves[1]) is a linguistic website hosted by Cédric Fockeu and launched in 2006. It is dedicated especially to the phonoesthetics of Tolkien's constructed languages.

It provides authentic texts written by Tolkien in his constructed languages, Quenya/Qenya, Sindarin/Noldorin, Adunaic, Khuzdul and others, with sound samples.

The database also provides historical excerpts and sound samples from real-life languages whose philology influenced the Legendarium, or whose phonoesthetics influenced Tolkien's languages. There are samples of Finnish (the main source of Quenya), Welsh (the main source of Sindarin), Old English (exemplified as the Rohan language), Old Norse (exemplified the names of the Longbeards, including a sample of the "Catalogue of Dwarves"), Gothic (including a sample of Bagmē Blōma) and Latin.


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