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'''''gloss''''' is a [[Sindarin]] word meaning ''snow-white'' or ''dazzling white''.
'''''gloss''''' is a [[Sindarin]] word meaning ''snow-white'' or ''dazzling white''.<ref>{{RGEO|Namarie}}</ref>
* ''[[Hiswelókë's Sindarin dictionary]] (Edition 1.6, Lexicon 0.993)''
Probably [[OS]] *''glosse'' < [[Sundocarmë|Root]] G-[[LOS]]<ref>{{LR|Etymologies}}, GOLÓS-</ref>
[[Category:Sindarin words]]
[[Category:Sindarin adjectives]]

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gloss is a Sindarin word meaning snow-white or dazzling white.[1]


Probably OS *glosse < Root G-LOS[2]


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