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'''''go-''''' is a [[Noldorin]] prefix meaning "together".<ref>[[Didier Willis]], [ Hiswelókë's Sindarin Dictionary] at [] (accessed 20 September 2012)</ref>
'''''go-''''' (or '''''gwa-''''') is a [[Sindarin]] prefix meaning "together, co-, com-".<ref name=WJ>{{WJ|Quendi}}, p. 367</ref>
*[[Sundocarme|Root]] WO<ref name=WJ/>
*''[[gwanûr|gwanûr, gwanūn]]''<ref name=WJ/>
'''''go-''''' is a [[Noldorin]] prefix meaning "together".<ref>{{LR|Etymologies}}, p. 399</ref>
[[Category:Noldorin words]]
[[Category:Noldorin affixes]]
[[Category:Sindarin prefixes]]

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[edit] Sindarin

go- (or gwa-) is a Sindarin prefix meaning "together, co-, com-".[1]

[edit] Etymology

[edit] Examples

[edit] Noldorin

go- is a Noldorin prefix meaning "together".[2]


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