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Gobeth e Lam Edhellen: The Sindarin Dictionary

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Gobeth e Lam Edhellen: The Sindarin Dictionary
Gobeth e Lam Edhellen.jpg
AuthorRyszard Derdzinski
PublisherGwaith-i-Phethdain and Polish Tolkien Society
ReleasedNovember 2001 (CD)

Gobeth e Lam Edhellen: The Sindarin Dictionary is a Sindarin/English and Sindarin/Polish dictionary. It was first printed on paper, but a newer edition is only distributed on CD.

[edit] From the publisher

Ryszard Derdzinski's Sindarin Dictionary is now available on CD. On the date of its first publication it was the first such detailed dictionary of the language of the Grey Elves. Its editor had collected about 2000 Sindarin words found in all the published works by J.R.R. Tolkien and gave their English and Polish translations, grammar category, etymological information and sources. The Noldorin and Ilkorin words of "The Etymologies" are transformed to become similar to the Sindarin forms of the post-LotR period.