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Goldilocks Gardner
Biographical Information
LocationThe Shire
BirthS.R. 1431
ParentageSamwise Gamgee and Rose Cotton
Physical Description
Hair colorBlonde

Goldilocks Gardner (born S.R. 1431) was a Hobbit of the Shire.


Goldilicks was the third daughter of Samwise Gamgee and Rose Cotton, so named because her fair hair was rare among the Shire-hobbits, but not among Sam's children.[1] In S.R. 1463 she married Thain Faramir I, son of Peregrin Took.[2]


Although the name refers to her hair, it is also in accordance to the Hobbit custom of giving flower-names to women. Goldilocks sometimes refers to buttercup or daisy flowers.[1] An abandoned Sindarin name for her was Glorfinniel.[3]


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