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'''Golodh''' pl. '''Gelydh''' is the [[Sindarin]] word for the ''[[Noldor]]''.
'''Golodh''' (pron. {{IPA|[ˈɡoloð]}}), plural '''Gelydh''' ({{IPA|[ˈɡelyð]}}, later {{IPA|[ˈɡelið]}}) or older '''Gœlydh''' ({{IPA|[ˈɡølyð]}}), is the [[Sindarin]] word for the ''[[Noldor]]''.
*[[Quenya]] ''[[Noldo]]''
*[[Quenya]] ''[[Noldo]]''

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Golodh (pron. [ˈɡoloð]), plural Gelydh ([ˈɡelyð], later [ˈɡelið]) or older Gœlydh ([ˈɡølyð]), is the Sindarin word for the Noldor.


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