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The Gondolindrim were the people of Gondolin.[1]



The Gondolindrim were drawn from the people of Turgon who accompanied him from Nevrast, a mixed population of both Noldor and mostly Sindar.[2] The Gondolindrim were keen in arts and constructions but also valiant fighters.

Because Gondolin was strictly isolated from the rest of Beleriand it is unlikely that substantial numbers of other kindreds ever came to settle there. Only a few notable outsiders are known to have reached the hidden city: Huor and Húrin Thalion were the first Men to come to Gondolin and dwelt there for a year,[3] Tuor, son of Huor, made the city his home[4][2] and Maeglin, son of Eöl the Dark Elf and Turgon's sister Aredhel, fled there with his mother from Nan Elmoth.[5]

At the Fall of Gondolin, the survivors led by Tuor went to the Mouths of Sirion.


Gondolindrim is a standard formation of Gondolin (S: 'The Hidden Rock') and the Sindarin suffix -rim, denoting a people.[6]

Other Versions of the Legendarium

Gondothlim was an earlier term for the inhabitants of Gondolin.[7]

Houses of the Gondolindrim

In the The Fall of Gondolin the Gondolindrim are described as being organised into a number of Houses. At the time of the city's fall there were twelve of these, each with a named symbol and leader:

House Symbol Leader
House of the King Sun, Moon and Heart Turgon
House of the Heavenly Arch Rainbow, Opal and Jewelled Boss Egalmoth
House of the Tree Tree and Iron-studded club Galdor
House of the Golden Flower Rayed Sun and Golden Flower Glorfindel
House of the Fountain Fountain, Silver and Diamonds Ecthelion
House of the Swallow Arrowhead and Fan of Feathers Duilin
House of the Harp Silver Harp Salgant
House of the Mole Black Mole and Double-bladed Axe Maeglin
House of the Pillar A Pillar Penlod
House of the Tower of Snow A Tower Penlod
House of the Wing A White Wing Tuor
House of the Hammer of Wrath A Stricken Anvil Rog

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