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Gondorian Military Forces

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The Gondorian Military Forces were the most powerful defense forces in Middle-earth from the late Second Age into the the Fourth Age. From the War of the Last Alliance to the War of the Ring, they formed the core of several campaigns against Sauron and his allies, like the Witch-king of Angmar and Saruman. They were made up of three main constituents-- the infantry, the calvary, and the navy.
Gondorian military banner


Infantry of Gondor

The War of the Last Alliance

Within a century of Gondor's founding, her armed forces were put to a severe test during the War of the Last Alliance. In alliance with Arnor and Elven forces from Lindon and Rhovanion, Gondor fought a series of battle with the forces of Sauron. Sauron's ground forces were completely infantry based, and the allies were predominately infantry as well. The War was a long struggle of attrition involving hundreds of thousands of troops on each side, and Gondor's casualties were serious while Arnor's were crippling. In this great conflict, Gondor's troops fought in close, well ordered regiments, with infantry in front and archers behind. Archers were also used as mobile reserves, with companies of them moved from on weak spot in the battle line to another.Template:Ref

The Third Age

During the Third Age, Gondor's land forces were called on to perform a number of tasks, including maintaining a watch over Mordor. They suffered during Gondor's civil war, when they were divided over Castamir's rule.

Gondorian Knights and Cavalry Forces

Traditionally, Gondor had a small cavalry force. In the last quarter of the Third Age, it's close ally Rohan often supplied its main cavalry component. This was true during the Wainrider/Balchoth War, and well as during the War of the Ring.

Gondorian Naval Forces

Dol Amroth's ensign shows its sea influence
The Gondorian Navy constituted the sea-going defense forces of the Southern kingdom of Gondor. They were often in action against opposition naval forces from Pelargir or Umbar, renegade fiefs of Gondor.

Gondorian Irregular Forces

Gondorian Irregulars were armed men operating often behind enemy lines. Late in the Third Age, and the power of Mordor grew, Gondor withdrew most of its conventional forces from east of the Anduin, including North and South Ithilien. They did not abandon the area completely, however, and maintained a guerrilla presence there, the Rangers of Ithilien. During the War of the Ring, this force was commanded by Faramir, son of Denethor II. They acted as a reconnaissance force, and often harassed Sauron's forces, like the Southrons.


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