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{{people infobox
| name=Gondorians
| image=[[File:Liz Danforth - Gondorian.jpg|250px]]]
|languages=[[Sindarin]], [[Westron]]
| caption="[[:File:Liz Danforth - Gondorian.jpg|Gondorian]]" by [[Liz Danforth]]
| pronun=
| othernames=
| origin=Descendants of [[Númenóreans]]
|haircolor=mostly brunette
| location=[[Gondor]], [[Ithilien]]
| affiliation=
|distinctions=expert architects
| rivalry=[[Corsairs of Umbar]], [[Wainriders]]
|lifespan=av. 80-110 years
| language=[[Sindarin]], [[Westron]]
|members=[[Denethor]], [[Boromir]], [[Faramir]]
| members=[[Denethor]], [[Boromir]], [[Faramir]]
| lifespan=80-110 years
| distinctions=
| height=Average
| hair=
| skin=
| clothing=
| weapons=
[[File:Liz Danforth - Gondorian.jpg|thumb|''Gondorian'' by [[Liz Danforth]]]]
[[File:Liz Danforth - Gondorian.jpg|thumb|''Gondorian'' by [[Liz Danforth]]]]

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"...there is much else that may be told." — Glóin
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Liz Danforth - Gondorian.jpg]
"Gondorian" by Liz Danforth
General Information
OriginsDescendants of Númenóreans
LocationsGondor, Ithilien
RivalriesCorsairs of Umbar, Wainriders
LanguagesSindarin, Westron
MembersDenethor, Boromir, Faramir
Physical Description
Lifespan80-110 years
Average heightAverage
GalleryImages of Gondorians
Gondorian by Liz Danforth

Gondorians was a name that referred to the inhabitants of Gondor.[1][2] Although the people of Gondor initially were entirely of Númenórean descent, called the Dúnedain of the South, they came to mingle with many different peoples, notably with the influx of Northmen from Rhovanion.[3]

Portrayal in adaptations

1982-97: Middle-earth Role Playing:

Gondorians, or Gondorian Commoners, are one of the cultures, suitable for player characters, that are given a detailed description. The Gondorians contain varying degrees of blood from Dúnedain, Northmen and Men from Harad and Dunland.[4][5]


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