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Gorhendad Oldbuck

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Gorhendad Oldbuck was the founder of Buckland and of the Brandybuck family.


When Gorhendad crossed the Brandywine River from the Shire, he changed his name from Oldbuck to Brandybuck. He was twelfth Thain of the Shire and the last Brandybuck to carry this title.


Gorhendad is the translation of Ogmandab which, according to Stoor tradition, used to mean "great-grandfather".[1] Gorhendad is a modern Welsh word for "great-grandfather." [2]


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Preceded by:
Unknown, eventually Bucca of the Marish
12th Thain of the Shire
Third Age ?? - 2340
Followed by:
Isumbras Took I