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| birthlocation=
| birthlocation=
| rule=
| rule=
| death={{TA|3016}}
| death=T. A. 3016
| deathlocation=Tomb of [[Skorgrím Dourhand]]
| deathlocation=Tomb of [[Skorgrím Dourhand]]
| race=Dwarf
| race=Dwarf

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Gormr Doursmith is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
"The wise will stay here and hope to rebuild our town..." — Master of Lake-town
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Gormr Doursmith.jpg
Gormr Doursmith
LOTRO character
Biographical Information
TitlesSteward of Thorin's Gate
RealmThorin's Gate
DeathT. A. 3016
Tomb of Skorgrím Dourhand
Physical Description
Hair colorGrey

Gormr Doursmith was the Dourhand steward when the Longbeards were absent in the Ered Luin. He killed the guards of the Silver Deep Mines and poisoned their leader, Olin.[1] When Dáin, King under the Mountain, wanted a tribute of them he refused to give him anything.[2] Eventually he would make an alliance between him and the Goblins of the Mirkstone Tunnels[3] and revived Skorgrím Dourhand with the aid of Ivar Bloodhand. But he was slain by Dwalin and the player before Skorgrím's reviving was complete.[4]


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