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Gothmog (balrog)

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[[Image:Ted Nasmith - Fingon and Gothmog.jpg |thumb|''Fingon and Gothmog'' by [[Ted Nasmith]].]]
[[Image:Ted Nasmith - Fingon and Gothmog.jpg |thumb|''Fingon and Gothmog'' by [[Ted Nasmith]].]]
''(See also [[Gothmog, Lieutenant of Morgul]])''
''(See also [[Gothmog, Lieutenant of Morgul]])''

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Fingon and Gothmog by Ted Nasmith.

(See also Gothmog, Lieutenant of Morgul)

Gothmog is (a demon of might)a Maia spirit of the race of balrogs, no doubt the most powerful to walk Middle-earth being that he was Lord of all Balrogs in the first age answerable only to Morgoth The Dark Enemy, his master.

Gothmog was a spirit of might standing around 12feet high and weilding a mighty black axe and whip of flame. Truely Morgoth's greatest servant he held the titles of Lord of balrogs, high captain of Angbad and Marshall of the hosts. Morgoth was truiely a great warrior commanding many of Morgoth's armies in many battles for example the crushing of the Noldor elves at the battlefields of Beleriand he also commanded at other battles, including Dragor-Nuin-Gilliath where he ambushes Fëanor and mortally wounds him.

Gothmog commands again at the battle of Nirnaeth Arnoediad, with a host of Orcs, Balrogs and Dragons at his side he slays Fingon, high king of the Noldor and he captures Húrin of Dol-lómin who had just slain his personal bodyguard of Battle Trolls and takes him to Angbad to his master.

He then commands (as his Title of Marshal of the hosts suggests) at the storming of Gondolin and near kills Tuor when an elf lord Ecthelion of the Fountain intervines, and Gothmog finally meets his doom as he slays Ecthelion in single combat but he himself is slain by the Elven Lord finally the Champion of Morgoth meets his demise.

                                 By Jordan Yates