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Physical Description

Gróin (Third Age 2671 - 2923, 242 years old) was an important figure in the royal genealogies of the Dwarves, Gróin was the grandson of Borin, the younger son of King Náin II, and so could claim direct descent from Durin the Deathless himself. In his turn, Gróin was father to Óin and Glóin, and uncle to Balin and Dwalin, all four of whom travelled on the Quest of Erebor.

Through his son Glóin, he was also grandfather to Gimli Elf-friend of the Company of the Ring. For all his genealogical importance, though, we know almost nothing of his life. His dates of birth and death, though, show us that he was alive at the time of Smaug's Sack of Erebor, and the War of the Dwarves and Orcs twenty-nine years later. It is likely that he was present at both these events.


       |               |
       |               |
     Fundin          GRÓIN
       |               |
    ---|---         ---|---
   |       |       |       |
   |       |       |       |
 Balin  Dwalin    Óin    Glóin