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Great Gate of Minas Tirith

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The Great Gate was the mighty gate of Minas Tirith, capital city of Gondor, leading from Othram out onto the Pelennor Fields.

In front of the Great Gate there was the Gateway, a large paved area where the roads to Minas Tirith met, like the North-way that joined the Great West Road to Rohan, the South Road to the southern provinces of Gondor, and the road to Osgiliath.

The gates were constructed of iron and steel guarded by stone towers and bastions. The iron doors rolled back to open and passwords were required to enter.

It was destroyed by Grond during the Battle of Pelennor Fields under the command of the Witch-king before dawn on March 15; the battering ram smashed the Great Gate three times while the Witch-king spoke words of power. He rode through where Gandalf awaited him, but then the Rohirrim arrived.

A temporary barricade was erected in place of the Great Gate. After the war on May 1, Aragorn received the Crown of Gondor in front of the gate and then entered the City.

After the War of the Ring, the Dwarves of Aglarond built a new one of mithril and steel.