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Great Lake

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Great Lake
Physical Description
LocationIn the center of early, symmetrical Middle-earth
DescriptionLarge body of water encircling the Isle of Almaren

The Great Lake lay in the center of Middle-earth when all the lands and seas were symmetrical. In the middle of the lake was the Isle of Almaren, the first dwelling of the Valar in Arda.


After the expulsion of Melkor from Arda in the Valian year 1,500,[1] the Valar brought order to the seas and lands and it may have been at this time that the Great Lake was formed.[2]

In the Valian year 3,450 Melkor came forth in war and cast down the Two Lamps. Their destruction broke the lands and roiled the seas. The dwelling of the Valar upon Almaren was utterly destroyed and the island and the Great Lake disappeared in the tumult.[1]


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