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Green Dragon

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The Green dragon, as it appeared in The Hobbit.
"There's only one Dragon in Bywater, and that's Green."
Ted Sandyman, A Long-expected Party

The Green Dragon Inn was one of the Shire's many inns.


The Green Dragon Inn stood on the Bywater Road, the last building passed by travellers from Bywater on their way towards Hobbiton. It was perhaps most famous as the starting-point of the Quest of Erebor: it was here that a flustered and unprepared Bilbo met with Thorin and his Dwarves on the morning their adventures began. It remained an important meeting-place and a centre of gossip long after Bilbo returned from the Quest, and at the time of the famous Birthday Party, Sam Gamgee was among its regular visitors. For all its proud history, it did not survive the coming of Sharkey and his Men to the Shire during the War of the Ring, and it was a desolate and empty place by the time Sam returned with Frodo and the other Travellers.

Portrayal in adaptations

In Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings, the Green Dragon is the location of several scenes. The activities from the Ivy Bush were relocated here.

In the computer game of The Hobbit, the Green Dragon is a small building with a thatched roof. Entering it marks the end of the first level.