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Green Hill Country

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Green Hill Country
General Information
LocationTookish Westfarthing to Woody End (Eastfarthing)
DescriptionGreen Hills, wooded in the east
RegionsThe Shire
People and History
InhabitantsHobbits, especially Tooks
EventsPassed through by Frodo Baggins on the Quest of the Ring

Green Hill Country was a patch of country in the Shire, marked out by the Green Hills that ran west to east through three of the Shire's four Farthings.

The western feet of the Green Hills were in the Westfarthing, in the lands of the Tooks. From Tuckborough, a road ran eastwards through the Green Hill Country, and it was this that Frodo, Sam and Pippin briefly used in their journey from Bag End.

From their beginnings in the Westfarthing, the Hills cut through the northern corner of the Southfarthing, where the village of Pincup lay on their southern slopes. Finally, they passed through the border into the Eastfarthing, where they became densely wooded, and reached their eastern end at the appropriately named Woody End.