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Grey Havens

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Also known as the Mithlond was a haven (seaport) on the Gulf of Lune in the northwest of Middle-earth

Built by the Elves of Lindon at the beginning of the Second Age, it was afterwards used by the Elves to leave Middle-earth for Valinor. Círdan the Shipwright and Galdor of the Havens lived there.

Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins also went to Valinor from the Grey Havens, and a family tradition held that Sam Gamgee (having been himself a Ring-bearer, albeit briefly) did likewise, in the year 1484 of The Shire Reckoning. (Fourth Age 61) It is unclear just what the Fate of the Elves of Middle-Earth was in the early Fourth Age and how long Círdan or his remaining folk dwelled at the Havens and continued to build the great ships that carried the Elves to the Blessed Realm.

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