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Guild of Venturers

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[[fi:Laivamiesten Kilta]]

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The Guild of Venturers
Other namesUinendili
Date foundedS.A. 750

The Guild of Venturers was a guild of mariners and seamen formed by the great Númenórean adventurer Aldarion in the year S.A. 750. The Guild had no fixed guildhouse on land, but was based instead on the ship Eämbar, that had been built for the purpose. Eämbar was sailed at times to different harbours of Númenor, but was normally anchored off the island of Tol Uinen in the bay of Rómenna. The sailors of the Guild went much farther than this, though, steering their vessels east across the Great Sea to the distant shores of Middle-earth. There, they visited Gil-galad in Lindon, and explored the coastlands into the far south.