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Háma (son of Helm)

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| house=House of Eorl
| house=House of Eorl
| parentage=[[Helm|Helm Hammerhand]]
| parentage=[[Helm|Helm Hammerhand]]
| siblings=[[Haleth (son of Helm)|Haleth]] and unnamed sister
| siblings=Unnamed sister, [[Haleth (son of Helm)|Haleth]]
| spouse=
| spouse=
| children=
| children=

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This article is about the son of Helm. For the guard of Meduseld, see Háma.
Biographical Information
LanguageRohirric and Westron
DeathT.A. 2759
Near the Hornburg
HouseHouse of Eorl
ParentageHelm Hammerhand
SiblingsUnnamed sister, Haleth
Physical Description

Háma was the second son of Helm Hammerhand.


When the Dunlendings invaded Rohan in T.A. 2758, Háma took refuge in Helm's Deep with his father. During the Long Winter Helm was besieged, the Rohirrim's food ran low, and the people began to starve. After Yule, Háma led a group out of the fortress on a sortie to find food, but they got lost in a snow storm and never returned.[1]


Háma in Old English means "of home".


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