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(See also Hador of Gondor, the 17th Ruling Steward)

Hador Lórindol (First Age 389 – 455, aged 66 years) was a Man of the House of Marach. He was the son of Hathol, husband of Gildis, and father of Glóredhel, Galdor, and Gundor. Hador was a young man when his people crossed the Blue Mountains into Beleriand and first met the Noldor. His ancestor, Malach Aradan, later spent 14 years in the Kingdom of Fingolfin, High King of the Noldor, and became friendly with the Elves. In time the allegiance of the House of Marach was rewarded with a hereditary fiefdom in First Age 423.

Hador and his people were granted the land of Dor-lómin by Fingolfin. To celebrate the event, King Finrod of Nargothrond presented him with the Dragon-helm of Dor-lómin, for whom it was also called the Helm of Hador.

Hador ruled Dor-lómin for 32 years until the Dagor Bragollach ("Battle of Sudden Flame"). He was slain along with his youngest son Gundor defending his liege Fingolfin at the spring of Eithel Sirion. In his honor, his descendants would call themselves the House of Hador.


Hador is a Sindarin word meaning "thrower of weapons", such as spears and darts. Hador's epithet, Lórindol, is Sindarin for "Goldenhead" (from glor- = "golden light" and dôl = "head"), a reference to his golden hair. It was a trait shared by many other members of his House.


        HADOR = Gildis
    |         |         |
    |         |         |
Glóredhel   Galdor   Gundor   

Preceded by:
1st Lord of Dor-lómin
I 423 – 455
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