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Biographical Information
TitlesChieftain of the Haladin
LanguageMannish dialect
Birthc. F.A. 315
Deathc. F.A. 375 (aged c. 50)
Battle of the Gelion-Ascar Stockade
ChildrenHaleth, Haldar
Physical Description
GalleryImages of Haldad
Haldad was a man, the first leader of the Haladin since their settlement in southern Thargelion. He was said to be a brave and strong man, and was most famous as the father of Haleth.


During the early years after they crossed the Blue Mountains, the Haladin dwelt happily in Caranthir's lands in Thargelion. They lived a scattered, pastoral existence until one day a swarm of Orcs descended on them, without warning, out of the Blue Mountains to the east.

Until that time, the Haladin had no single leader, but upon the coming of the orc-assault Haldad, a man renown among his kin, took on the role. He gathered what remnant he could of his people, and built a defensive stockade between the rivers Gelion and Ascar, south of Sarn Athrad. There the Orcs besieged them until their food was exhausted. Haldad led a sortie against the attacking Orcs, and was slain; his son Haldar rushed to recover his father's body, and was slain in turn.

Haldad's death was not in vain; Haldad's daughter Haleth led the Haladin through another week of starvation and seige until Caranthir's army appeared out of the north, and drove the attacking Orcs to their deaths.