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Haleth (son of Helm)

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The name Haleth refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Haleth (disambiguation).

Haleth was the oldest child of Helm Hammerhand and brother of Háma. Haleth tried to defend Edoras from the Dunlendings who had invaded in 2758, but he was killed at the doors of Meduseld the last of the defenders, and Wulf son of Freca of Dunland sat on the throne and called himself king. Until not long after the Long Winter, Fréalaf cousin of Helm, came out of the refuge of Dunharrow with a small "desperate" company of men, and came upon Edoras suddenly. Surprising Wulf in Meduseld, Fréaláf himself killed him, avenging his cousin.


Haleth in Old English means "warrior". Not to be confused with Mannish Haleth.