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Haleth (son of Helm)

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The name Haleth refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Haleth (disambiguation).
Biographical Information
LanguageRohirric and Westron
DeathT.A. 2758
Meduseld, Edoras
HouseHouse of Eorl
ParentageHelm Hammerhand
SiblingsHáma and unnamed sister
Physical Description

Haleth was the oldest child of Helm Hammerhand and brother of Háma.


Haleth tried to defend Edoras from the Dunlendings who had invaded in T.A. 2758, but he was killed at the doors of Meduseld, the last of its defenders. Wulf son of Freca usurped the throne while Helm and Háma fled to Helm's Deep.[1]


Haleth in Old English means "warrior". Not to be confused with Mannish Haleth.


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