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| titles=Lord of [[Hyarastorni]]
| titles=Lord of [[Hyarastorni]]
| position=
| position=
| realm=[[Númenor]]
| location=[[Númenor]]
| affiliation=
| affiliation=
| language=[[Adûnaic]] and [[Sindarin]]
| language=[[Adûnaic]] and [[Sindarin]]

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Biographical Information
TitlesLord of Hyarastorni
LanguageAdûnaic and Sindarin
BirthS.A. 852[1]
DeathS.A. 1211[1] (aged 359)
HouseHouse of Elros
Physical Description

Hallacar, the son of Hallatan of Hyarastorni, was a descendant of Vardamir Nólimon. In S.A. 1000, Ancalimë, the daughter of Tar-Aldarion married him. After the birth of their son Anárion in 1003 there was strife between Hallacar and his wife.[2]

Ancalimë was living in Emerië, hiding on a farm bordering the lands of Hallatan to avoid suitors, when she met a shepherd named Mámandil. She enjoyed his company since he was a skilled singer and met him often in the pastures. Eventually he declared his love for her but Ancalimë demurred since she was the Heir of the King. Mamandil then revealed that he was actually Hallacar of the line of Elros and pressed his suit. Still, Ancalimë rejected him although they were later wed.

Accounts differ as to the particulars of their marriage. One version stated that Hallacar persisted in seeking her hand and that Ancalimë was pressured by the Council to accept him to bring quiet to the realm. Another version said that when her cousin Soronto called upon her to surrender the Heirship (which at the time required that a female Heir must resign if unwed beyond a certain limit), she married Hallacar to spite Soronto. Still another account suggested that Ancalimë married Hallacar after the provision had been removed, to ensure that Soronto could not become King if she were childless.

What was clear was that Ancalimë desired neither love nor a son. After Anárion was born she and Hallacar separated. The situation was not improved when Hallacar secretly arranged for her serving-women to become married, which the Queen had forbidden.[3]


Hallacar's name appears to mean "Tall Helmet" in Quenya, from halla "tall" and car, short from carma, "helmet".




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