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Biographical Information
PositionRuling Steward
Birththird Age 2480
RuleThird Age 2567 - Third Age 2605
DeathThird Age 2605, aged 125 years
ChildrenHúrin II
Physical Description

Hallas (Third Age 2480 – 2605, aged 125 years) was the illustrious son and heir of Steward Cirion of Gondor, who first ruled in Minas Tirith while his father still lived, during the time of the war with the Balchoth. Cirion went to fight in that war, and left Hallas in command of the City of Gondor. In that war, too, Eorl brought his Northmen to the aid of Gondor, and after Gondor's enemies were defeated, Cirion gifted him the green land of Calenardhon as a reward. Hallas was a witness to the Oath of Cirion and Eorl, in which the two leaders stood beside the Tomb of Elendil and promised a bond of friendship between their two nations. It was Hallas, indeed, who renamed Calenardhon as Rohan, and gave its new people the name Rohirrim ("Horse-lords").

Little is recorded of Hallas after he succeeded his father as Steward. He ruled Gondor in the time when Rohan was establishing itself — the Golden Hall of Meduseld was completed in the second year of his rule. At the great feast to celebrate the raising of the Hall, King Brego's son Baldor made his rash promise to enter the Paths of the Dead, which led to his loss in the mountains. It is even possible that Hallas was present in person at that feast, though no record exists to prove this.

Hallas died in Third Age 2605 and was succeeded by his son, who became Steward Húrin II.

Other Versions of the Legendarium

In some early variants of the Quenta Silmarillion legendarium, published in The History of Middle-earth series, Hallas is also the name of the son of Orodreth. He was replaced by Gil-galad, later High King of the Noldor, who in the published The Silmarillion is made into Fingon's son instead. That Orodreth's son was named Hallas was an earlier idea, but Gil-galad replaced him. In the published Silmarillion, Orodreth has no son.

Preceded by:
13th Ruling Steward of Gondor
III 2567 – 2605
Followed by:
Húrin II