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Haradrim (Tolkien Society)

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Haradrim is a former Tolkien Society for speakers of Afrikaans in South Africa. The society was founded in 2000.[1] The society is now defunct.


One of the founders of the society was Peter-Willem Schellen (a.k.a. Fëanor), former treasurer of Unquendor and an incubator of Gil-Galad.[2][3][4] Members of this society were involved in locating the former location of the Bank of Africa (Arthur Tolkien's offices), Arthur Tolkien's grave site (where a new tombstone as well as a tree were planted/placed)[5][6][7] as well as finding Arthur Tolkien's last will and other documents. Members of the society also hosted members of the Tolkien family on occasion. In the 1990s and early 2000s co-founder Dux van der Walt organized radio shows and lectures as well as exhibitions around J.R.R. Tolkien.[8] [9][10]

Jake Uys, a former chairman of Haradrim also started a B&B named The Hobbit in Bloemfontein in the early 1990s.[11][12]

The vast distances in South Africa between its large cities (Johannesburg/Pretoria - Bloemfontein - Cape Town - Durban), emigration due to crime and affirmative action as well as cultural and language barriers and the limited interest in J.R.R. Tolkien by the general public all contributed to the demise of this society.

Members of Note

Peter-Willem Schellen (a.k.a. Fëanor), Jake Uys, Dr. Jan-Stefan van der Walt (a.k.a. Beorn), Dux van der Walt, Ena van der Walt


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