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* [[The Wanderings of Húrin]], [[The War of the Jewels]].
* [[The Wanderings of Húrin]], [[The War of the Jewels]].
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Biographical Information
BirthY.S. 470
DeathY.S. 501
Physical Description

Hardang was a Chieftain of the Men of Brethil in the First Age. He descended from Halmir of the House of Haleth. Hardang was the sun of Hundad who was the son of Hundar. After the death of the Chieftain of Brethil, Handir, Hardang tried to have his cousin, Brandir dismissed of the throne in favor of himself. Many believed Brandir was unfit to rule and supported Hardang.

After the death of Brandir a new Chieftain had to be elected. As Brandir had no children the Folk of Brethil wished for his cousin Manthor to take up the line, however they were connected by a daughter, and thus Hardang won the election. Hardang promoted Manthor to become the Captain of the Guards at the Crossings of Taeglin.

Within two years of Hardang's ruling, rumors of the return of Húrin Thalion began spreading. As Hardang disliked the House of Hador for he had no blood relation. Upon Húrin's return, at the Moot of the Folk Manthor defended Húrin against Hardang.

The Folk of Brethil were angered by Hardang actions and burned the Hall of the Chieftains. Hardang attempted to escape but was hit with a spear in his back and he perished.

Other versions

In early versions of the story, Hardang's name was Harathor, and it was he, not Manthor, who was the brother of Túrin's companion Hunthor.