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Harlond (Lindon)

This article is about the Elven port in Lindon. For the port of Minas Tirith, see Harlond (Gondor).

Harlond was a haven of the Elves on the southern shores of the Gulf of Lhûn. It was situated in a small inlet about 150 miles south-west of Mithlond, on the side of Harlindon.[1]

It is told that the fleet of Eärnur, arriving in Lindon during the Angmar War, filled the harbours of Harlond, Forlond, and the Grey Havens.[2]

[edit] Etymology

The Sindarin[3] name Harlond means means "Southhaven".[4]

The name used by Tolkien on an early map was Harlorn.[5]

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