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<b>Harvestmath</b> is the name of the ninth month in the [[Bree Calendar]], following [[Wedmath]]. In [[Shire]] the month was known as [[Halimath]] (LoTR, Appendix D).
'''Harvestmath''' is the name of the ninth month in the [[Bree Calendar]] (used by the [[Hobbits]] of [[Bree]]), following [[Wedmath]]. In the [[Shire]] the month was known as [[Halimath]].<ref>{{App|D}}</ref>
The name represents a [[Hobbitish|modernization]] of an [[Old English]] name for September, [[wiktionary:hærfestmonaþ|hærfestmōnaþ]].<ref>[[Jim Allan]] (ed.) ''[[An Introduction to Elvish]]'', Giving of Names, p. 228</ref>
[[Category:Hobbit Calendar]]
[[Category:Hobbit Calendar]]

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Months in the Bree Calendar
  1. Frery* (January)
  2. Solmath (February)
  3. Rethe (March)
  4. Chithing* (April)
  5. Thrimidge (May)
  6. Lithe* (June)
  7. Mede* (July)
  8. Wedmath (August)
  9. Harvestmath* (September)
  10. Wintring* (October)
  11. Blooting* (November)
  12. Yulemath* (December)
*Differ from Shire names.

Harvestmath is the name of the ninth month in the Bree Calendar (used by the Hobbits of Bree), following Wedmath. In the Shire the month was known as Halimath.[1]

[edit] Etymology

The name represents a modernization of an Old English name for September, hærfestmōnaþ.[2]

[edit] References

  1. J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, Appendix D
  2. Jim Allan (ed.) An Introduction to Elvish, Giving of Names, p. 228