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Havens of the Falas

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Havens of the Falas were Elven cities in Beleriand.

The Falas was the realm of Círdan the Shipwright and his people, Sindarin Elves who were known as the Falathrim. They lived in two great walled havens, Eglarest at the mouth of the River Nenning, and to the north of that Brithombar at the mouth of the River Brithon.

The Havens were besieged during the First Battle of Beleriand, but during the Dagor-nuin-Giliath the Orcs that besieged the cities went north to fight the Noldor, and were all slain. After 45 F.A. West Beleriand was ruled by Finrod Felagund who ruled from Nargothrond, and Círdan was his ally.

The Havens of the Falas held out during the later Battles of Beleriand until they were finally destroyed in F.A. 473, and Círdan's people fled to the Mouths of Sirion and the Isle of Balar.