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* [[2011]]: [[Mallorn 51|''Mallorn'' 51]]
* [[2011]]: [[Mallorn 51|''Mallorn'' 51]]
** "Ent and sources"  (editorial)
** "Ent and sources"  (editorial)
* [[2011]]: [[Mallorn 52|''Mallorn'' 52]]
** "A dash of movie magic" (review of ''[[wikipedia:Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2|Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2]]'')
** "Did Tolkien support the Canaries"

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Henry Gee
Biographical information
EducationUniversity of Leeds,
University of Cambridge
OccupationAuthor, biologist, palaeontologist
LocationNorfolk, UK
WebsiteOfficial website

Henry Gee is a biologist and author of The Science of Middle-earth, as well as being the current editor of The Tolkien Society's scholarly journal Mallorn.



Henry Gee was awarded a BA in zoology and genetics from the University of Leeds in 1984 before going on to complete a PhD in zoology at the University of Cambridge in 1991;[1] before finishing his doctorate, he joined the staff of Nature in 1987 where he is now a senior editor of biological sciences.[2] At Nature he devised and edits the "Futures" science-fiction series for which he won the Best Publisher award from the European Science Fiction Society in 2005.[3]

Aside from his work in biology, Henry Gee has gained notoriety in the Tolkien community as the author of The Science of Middle-earth, the editor of Mallorn, and the special correspondent on science matters - under the pseudonym of "Olog-Hai"[1] - at In particular, as editor of Mallorn Gee has received both praise and criticism from members of The Tolkien Society due to the editorial changes which he has made to the journal. See also: Mallorn (journal)



Journals (editor)



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