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Herucalmo was the consort to Tar-Vanimeldë, the third Ruling Queen of Númenor. The Queen had little interest in the duties of her office, and during her reign Herucalmo effectively acted as her regent. On Tar-Vanimeldë's death, the Sceptre should have passed to her son Alcarin, but instead Herucalmo withheld it and claimed the Kingship for himself, taking the name Tar-Anducal ("Light of the West") from S.A. 2637 to S.A. 2657. The island of Númenor fell under his doubtful rule for twenty years, until Herucalmo himself died, and Alcarin took his rightful place.


Herucalmo means "Lord of Light" in Quenya (from heru, 'lord', cal, 'light', and the masculine agentive suffix -mo).