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Herumor was a Black Númenórean who lived in the late Second Age.

Herumor is mentioned only once in the main legendarium:

"...because of the power of Gil-galad these renegades, lords both mighty and evil, for the most part took up their abodes in the southlands far away; yet two there were, Herumor and Fuinur, who rose to power amongst the Haradrim, a great and cruel people that dwelt in the wide lands south of Mordor beyond the mouths of Anduin."
― "Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age", The Silmarillion

The New Shadow

In "The New Shadow", a short tale included in The Peoples of Middle-earth, Herumor is also the name of the leader of a growing evil cult in Gondor during the Fourth Age about one hundred years into the reign of Eldarion, the son of Aragorn. This Herumor could be the same as the Númenórean ruler of the Haradrim, as there is some speculation that he became either one of the Ringwraiths or the Mouth of Sauron.


Herumor means "Black Lord" in Quenya (from heru = "lord" and morë = "dark").

Other Versions of the Legendarium

In the defunct Middle-earth Role Playing game from the 1980s, Herumor is given an extended history. Tolkien, however, had nothing to do with writing this history. Fuinor is then his older brother.