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Hills of Evendim

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The Hills of Evendim, or Emyn Uial in Sindarin, are a series of hills in northern Eriador.

The hills begin about a hundred Númenórean miles north of the Shire in northern Eriador. At the southern end is the city of Annúminas, the first capital of Arnor, at Lake Evendim. The Baranduin or Brandywine River flows out of this lake. The rive Lhûn also has a tributary beginning in the hills.

In the Second Age, when the Men of Númenor first returned to Middle-earth, the Hills of Evendim were populated by Men related to the ancestors of the Edain. For this reason the Númenóreans later settled nearby, and the hills formed the core of the later kingdom of Arnor. After the establishments of the Kingdoms in Exile by Elendil and his sons, the Men of Evendim merged with the Dúnedain, becoming the people of Arnor together with non-Edain Men like the Men of Bree.