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"...there is much else that may be told." — Glóin
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The name Hobitit refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see The Hobbit (disambiguation).

Hobitit (Finnish: Hobbits) was a Finnish TV mini series which aired in 1993 for 9 episodes on YLE.



  1. "Bilbo"
  2. "Tie" ("Road")
  3. "Vanha metsä" ("Old Forest")
  4. "Pomppiva poni" ("Prancing Pony")
  5. "Konkari" ("Strider")
  6. "Lórien"
  7. "Mordor"
  8. "Tuomiovuori" ("Mount Doom")
  9. "Vapautus" ("Liberation")


The series follows the story of Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee as they head for Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring. Most of the other story - the War of the Ring raging in Rohan and Gondor - has been omitted.


Role Actor
Frodo Baggins Taneli Mäkelä
Samwise Gamgee Pertti Sveholm
Gandalf Vesa Vierikko
Peregrin Took Jari Pehkonen
Meriadoc Brandybuck Jarmo Hyttinen
Gollum/Aragorn Kari Väänänen
Galadriel Heidi Krohn
Bilbo Baggins Martti Suosalo
Gimli Tomi Salmela
Legolas Ville Virtanen
Saruman Mikko Kivinen
Boromir Carl-Kristian Rundman
Elrond Leif Wager
Barliman Butterbur Mikko Kivinen
Tom Bombadil Esko Hukkanen

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