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Horus Engels

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Richard "Horus" Engels (?-? deceased) was a German painter, sculptor and illustrator from Wolfsburg. Richard Engels illustrated children's books, like the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, with oftenly surrealistic paintings. His studio was in the castle Neuhaus near Wolfsburg. Richard Engels was interested in multiculturalism. In artistic circles he was known as "Horus". In 1946 Richard Engels contacted J.R.R. Tolkien for a German edition of The Hobbit and sent him two illustrations (The trolls and Gollum), which Tolkien found "too Disnified". In 1957 the German publishing company Paulus-Verlag published the first German translation of The Hobbit made by Walter Scherf as Kleiner Hobbit und der große Zauberer in which Engels' illustrations were printed.