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House of Ransom

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The House of Ransom was the hilltop of Amon Rûdh had long been the home of a colony of Petty-dwarves, who lived in an underground complex originally known as Bar-en-Nibin-noeg, the "House of the Petty-dwarves". As the First Age wore on, these people dwindled, until at last only three survived: Mîm and his two sons Khîm and Ibun. To their misfortune, the Petty-dwarves encountered Túrin at the time he led a desperate band of outlaws. Mîm's sons fled, but Mîm himself was caught, and agreed to house the outlaws in exchange of his own life. So the Dwarf-delvings of Amon Rûdh became known as Bar-en-Danwedh, meaning 'House of Ransom'. The ransom, in fact, was a double one: when they returned to Amon Rûdh, it was learned that Khîm had been shot by an arrow as he fled, and was dead. In recompense, Túrin promised to pay Mîm a ransom of his own, if ever he was able.

Túrin and the outlaws stayed for more than a year in Bar-en-Danwedh, where they were joined by Beleg Strongbow out of Doriath. They defended the lands around against Melkor's forces, and became so famous in that region that they gained a following, with Túrin and Beleg coming to be known as the Two Captains. In the end, though, disaster struck: Mîm betrayed them to the Orcs, who slew the outlaws and captured Túrin in a net. Beleg survived, and Mîm fled from him, never to return to his old House of Ransom on Amon Rûdh.