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House of the Golden Flower

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"Yellow flowers have fared thither and blow ever now about that mound in those unkindly places; but the folk of the Golden Flower wept at its building and might not dry their tears."
The Book of Lost Tales Part Two, The Fall of Gondolin

The House of the Golden Flower was one of the Twelve Houses of Gondolin. Glorfindel was its lord, and its device was that of a rayed sun. During the Fall of Gondolin, their main battle was fought in the Great Market, the east part of the city, where they were ambushed by a host of Orcs led by Balrogs. For hours they fought, until a Fire-drake came and killed many of them. There were only a few survivors, among them Glorfindel. The House of the Harp was sent to their aid, but its lord Salgant wished to betray them. However, the men of his house rebelled against him and they rushed to the aid of those from the House of the Golden flower, many of them being killed in that market. After the breaching of the wall by the Balrogs and the Dragons who reinforced Morgoth's army, the House of the Golden Flower, along with the remaining houses, moved towards the Square of the King. Further on, many lost their lives holding the rear for those who retreated towards Idril's Secret Way. The few remaining members assisted helpless to their Lord's death during his fight with the Balrog.


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