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Houses of Healing

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Template:Youmay The Houses of Healing, surrounded by lawns and trees such as nowhere else in the city, were set near to the Citadel-gate and the southward wall in the sixth circle of Minas Tirith. In these fair houses the healers of Gondor did their work.

When Faramir had been saved from the pyre of Denethor both Gandalf and Beregond carried him in a bier to the Houses of Healing, with Pippin following. Soon Gandalf and Pippin departed but Beregond, after reporting to the chief of the Guard, went to the houses to serve and guard his captain.[1]

Later, Faramir was joined by Éowyn, Merry, and others suffering from the Black Shadow. Ioreth, one of the few women permitted to stay in the city during the siege due to her healing skills, wished aloud for a king since "The hand of the king are the hands of a healer." Gandalf heard her and brought Aragorn into the Houses of Healing to tend the woulded. Using athelas Aragorn was able to revive Faramir, who called him his king, Éowyn, and Merry. When Aragorn left the houses he found many waiting for him at the door and after eating he spent most of the night tending the wounded.[2]

While the Army of the West marched to the Morannon, the Lady Éowyn arose in the Houses of Healing and begged the Warden to be discharged. The Warden brought her to Faramir, now able to walk in the gardens of the houses, where he dissuaded her from leaving. As the days passed their love bloomed and after the fall of Sauron it was in the Houses of Healing that they plighted their troth.[3]


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