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Hyarmendacil I

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Hyarmendacil I was the fifteenth King of Gondor from Third Age 1015 until 1149. His father Ciryandil was slain defending Umbar while besieged.

His original name was Ciryaher. He was the fourth and last Ship-king.

Ciryaher began his reign reorganizing Gondor's armies and in 1050 he openly declared war on the Haradrim and defeated them. The Haradrim were forced to recognize him as their lord and king. After this victory he called himself Hyarmendacil, meaning "South-victor".

Under his reign Gondor reached its greatest extent and power. The passes of Mordor were well guarded, so evil found no chance in Hyarmendacil's reign. No one dared to contest his power and Gondor was at peace for the rest of his long reign of 134 years.

He was succeeded by his lazy son Atanatar II Alcarin.

Preceded by:
15th King of Gondor
III 1015 – 1149
Followed by:
Atanatar II Alcarin