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i (plural in in Sindarin) is the Quenya and Sindarin article "the" and relative pronoun "who".



It's possible that the article begun as a relative pronoun, whose Primitive Quendian root was YA.



In Sindarin, the singular form causes lenition to the following word. For example tâl "foot" > i dâl "the foot"[1].

The plural form causes nasal mutation, and the final -n is assimilated. For example Periain "Halflings" > in+Periain > i-Pheriain[2]

(The affection is usually noted with a hyphen or a dot)

Related forms

These Sindarin prepositions contain the suffixed article -in

As a relative pronoun

In both Quenya and Sindarin, i is used for the relative pronoun "who", introducing a secondary phrase.

For example


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