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Ian Mune

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Ian Mune (1941) played a bounder (specifically, the one whose head was cut off by a Ringwraith) in Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring. He also served as an additional second unit director; he describes one of his works as "[i]t was the bit where the hobbits were being dragged from the burning tavern by the orcs"[1], which made it into the trailer for Peter Jackson's The Two Towers. It is unclear as to what scene he is referring; the desribed scene is not found. He probably referred to a scene shot for the Mirror of Galadriel scene in The Fellowship of the Ring.

In June 2007, he and 14 other actors filed a lawsuit against New Line Cinema over merchandising royalties.


"There were three grades of rubber feet - there were the Cadillacs (for the stars), Fords for the smaller parts and the extras had Fiats. It depended on how long you had to wear them for.[...]By the time it was all over my feet were awash, and so very, very sore."
― Ian Mune, Puke Ariki interview. He wore Fords.

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