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Biographical Information
LocationHouse of Ransom
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Ibun was the son of Mîm and brother of Khîm, the last of the Petty-dwarves.[1]


When they were set upon by Túrin's outlaw band, the two brothers fled into the mist. As they ran, Khîm was shot by a wild arrow from the outlaws, but Ibun survived, and shared his father's House of Ransom with Túrin and the outlaws.[1]

One winter, the two Petty-dwarves went out in search of roots, and were captured by a band of Orcs. Mîm survived his capture by betraying Túrin to the Orcs, but Ibun's fate is unclear.[2] Much later, in Nargothrond, Mîm told Húrin, "I am the last of my people",[3] so Ibun cannot have survived to that time. Whether he lost his life at the hands of the Orcs, or in some later unrecorded mishap, is not known.


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