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Index:Manuscripts by J.R.R. Tolkien

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Index:Manuscripts by J.R.R. Tolkien is a chronological list of J.R.R. Tolkien's writings related to Arda (including linguistic writings).

Qenya Lexiconc. 1915Parma Eldalamberon #12
Narqelion1915/1916Vinyar Tengwar #12, pp. 16-17, VT #40, pp. 5-32
Comparison of Adjectivesafter 1915Tyalië Tyelelliéva #16, pp. 23-8
Gnomish Lexiconc. 1917Parma Eldalamberon #11
Goldogrim Pronominal Prefixesc. 1917Parma Eldalamberon #13, p. 97
Rúmilian Document (Rúmil script)c. June 1919Vinyar Tengwar #37, pp. 15-23
Pre-Fëanorian Alphabets1920sParma Eldalamberon #16, #18
Early Noldorin Grammarc. 1920-1925Parma Eldalamberon #13, p. 119-32
Early Qenya Grammarc. 1923[1]Parma Eldalamberon #14
The Entu Declensionc. 1924-1929Vinyar Tengwar #36, p. 8-29
Qenya Grammar Fragmentc. 1924-1929Elfling Digest nr 34, 14 May 2000 (Édouard Kloczko)[2]
Arctic Sentence1929Letters from Father Christmas
Oilima Markirya 1before 1931A Secret Vice, pp. 220-21
Oilima Markirya 2before 1931A Secret Vice, pp. 213-14
Nieninquebefore 1931A Secret Vice, p. 215
Earendelbefore 1931A Secret Vice, p. 216
Nebrachar (Poem)before 1931A Secret Vice, p. 217
Bodleian Declensionsc. 1936Vinyar Tengwar #28, pp. 9-30
Koivienéni Sentencec. 1937-41[1]Vinyar Tengwar #14, pp. 5-20
Two Trees Sentencec. 1937Vinyar Tengwar #27, pp. 7-42
Koivienéni Manuscriptc. 1937Vinyar Tengwar #27, pp. 7-42
The Lost Road1937The Lost Road and Other Writings
The Etymologiesc. 1937The Lost Road and Other Writings
Merin Sentencec. 1937?Tyalië Tyelelliéva #14, p. 32-35
King's Letterc. 1950Sauron Defeated, pp. 128-9
Túrin Wrapperprobably early 1950sVinyar Tengwar #50
Dangweth Pengoloðc. 1951-1959The Peoples of Middle-earth, pp. 395-402
Of Lembasc. 1951-1959The Peoples of Middle-earth, pp. 403-5
Ataremma versions I-VIc. 1951-1959Vinyar Tengwar #43, pp. 4-26
Aia María versions I-IVc. 1951-1959Vinyar Tengwar #43, pp. 26-36
Alcar i Atarenc. 1951-1959Vinyar Tengwar #43, pp. 36-8
Ortírielyannac. 1951-1959Vinyar Tengwar #44, pp. 5-11
Litany of Loreto in Quenyac. 1951-1959Vinyar Tengwar #44, pp. 11-20
Alcar mi tarmenel na Erunc. 1951-1959Vinyar Tengwar #44, pp. 31-8
Ae Adar Nínc. 1951-1959Vinyar Tengwar #44, pp. 21-30
New Tengwar Inscription1954Vinyar Tengwar #21, p. 6
Liége Tengwar Inscription1954Vinyar Tengwar #23, p. 16
Words, Phrases and Passages in various tongues in The Lord of the Rings1950s, late & 1960s, earlyParma Eldalamberon #17
Ósanwe-kenta1959-1960Vinyar Tengwar #39
Etymological Notes - Ósanwe-kenta1959-1960Vinyar Tengwar #41, PP. 5-6
Quendi and Eldar1959-1960The War of the Jewels, pp. 359-424
Once upon a Time?1965Winter's Tales for Children 1
The Plotz Declension1966/1967Beyond Bree, March 1989; Vinyar Tengwar #6, p. 14
Nomenclature of The Lord of the Ringsca. 1967[3]The Lord of the Rings: A Reader's Companion
Eldarin Hands, Fingers & Numerals and Related Writings1968 or later[3]Vinyar Tengwar #47, #48, #49
The Rivers and Beacon-hills of Gondormid-1969 or later[1]Vinyar Tengwar #42, pp. 5-31
The Shibboleth of Fëanorc. 1968The Peoples of Middle-earth, pp. 331-66
From The Shibboleth of Fëanorc. 1968Vinyar Tengwar #41, pp. 7-10
Quenya Dedication1968Elfling message 14958, 11 May 2002 (Helge Fauskanger)
Notes on Órec. 1968Vinyar Tengwar #41, pp. 11-9
Of Dwarves and Menc. 1969The Peoples of Middle-earth, pp. 293-330
The Problem of Ros1968-1969The Peoples of Middle-earth, pp. 367-76
Essay on negation in Quenyac. 1970Vinyar Tengwar #42, p. 33-34
Glorfindelc. 1972The Peoples of Middle-earth, pp. 377-84
Círdanc. 1972The Peoples of Middle-earth, pp. 385-7
The Five Wizardsc. 1972The Peoples of Middle-earth, pp. 384-5


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