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'''inzil''' is the [[Adûnaic]] word for ''flower''.
'''''inzil''''' is an [[Adûnaic]] word meaning "flower, lily".<ref>{{PE|19}}, p. 99</ref>
===Examples and Instances===
''inzil'' is similar to [[Valarin]] ''[[iniðil]]'' "lily, or other large single flower".<ref>{{HM|WJ}}, p. 399</ref>
* ''[[Inziladûn]]'' (in ''[[Ar-Inziladûn]]'')
==Examples and Instances==
* ''[[Inziladûn]]''
[[Category:Adûnaic words]]
[[Category:Adûnaic words]]

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inzil is an Adûnaic word meaning "flower, lily".[1]

[edit] Etymology

inzil is similar to Valarin iniðil "lily, or other large single flower".[2]

[edit] Examples and Instances


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