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The son of King [[Ar-Gimilzôr]] of [[Númenor]] and his consort [[Inzilbêth]]. Inziladûn was secretly raised by his mother in the ways of the [[Faithful]], that party of the Númenórean people who remembered their years of friendship with the [[Elves]] and respect for the [[Valar]]. When Inziladûn succeeded his father to the [[Sceptre]], he attempted to return Númenor to those old ways, halting the oppression of the Faithful, and recommencing the tradition of the [[Three Prayers]] that had long been abandoned.  
'''inziladûn''' is an [[Adûnaic]] word meaning "flower of the west", derived from ''[[inzil]]'', "flower", and ''[[adûn]]'', "west".
As a reforming King, Inziladûn took the Sceptre in the name of [[Tar-Palantir]], meaning 'The Farsighted', but his younger brother [[Gimilkhâd]] was of quite different mind. The strife between them was such that [[Tale of Years]] describes Tar-Palantir's reign as 'civil war'. Inziladûn's restoration of the old ways did not last long: after his death, his daughter [[Míriel]] was forcibly taken as wife by Gimilkhâd's son [[Pharazôn]], who thus usurped the Kingship and began Númenor's final decline.
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inziladûn is an Adûnaic word meaning "flower of the west", derived from inzil, "flower", and adûn, "west".