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| titles=
| position=Healer in [[Houses of Healing]]
| position=Healer in [[Houses of Healing]]
| realm=[[Gondor]]
| location=[[Gondor]]
| affiliation=
| affiliation=
| language=[[Westron]]
| language=[[Westron]]

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Art by Christina Wald
Biographical Information
PositionHealer in Houses of Healing
BirthLate Third Age
Physical Description
GalleryImages of Ioreth
Ioreth was a woman of Gondor during the War of the Ring.



Ioreth was originally from Imloth Melui in Lossarnach, but moved to Minas Tirith and worked in the Houses of Healing. She was well versed in old lore, which helped restore the health of Faramir. She was very talkative, which annoyed Aragorn and Gandalf.[1]


Ioreth means "old woman" in Sindarin; iaur "old" plus feminine ending -eth. In draft, Tolkien had spelt her name Yoreth.[2]

Like "Gamling", it was specifically chosen to suit the character of the old nurse.[2]

Note that the name has the same meaning as "Priscilla".

Portrayal in Adaptations

1956: The Lord of the Rings (1956 radio series):

Prunella Scales is credited as Ioreth in the fifth episode of the second run, "Minas Tirith and Mount Doom".[3] As Scales was in her twenties at the time, it is unknown to what extent the "old lady" aspect was used.

1979: The Lord of the Rings (1979 radio series):

Pat Franklyn is credited as "The Old Woman". She is not referred to as Ioreth at any time, but her lines are lifted from Ioreth's.[4]

1981: The Lord of the Rings (1981 radio series):

Pauline Letts plays Ioreth.[5]


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