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:''Not to be confused with: [[Irolas]]''
| image=[[File:Iorlas Decipher.jpg|250px|Decipher Card]]
| image=[[File:Iorlas Decipher.jpg|250px|Decipher Card]]

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Not to be confused with: Irolas
Decipher Card
Biographical Information
BirthAround T.A. 2990
Physical Description
GalleryImages of Iorlas

Iorlas was a man from Gondor.


Iorlas was an uncle of Bergil, either Beregond's brother or brother-in-law. When Pippin mentioned to Bergil he was 29 years old, this surprised Bergil, as his uncle Iorlas was also 29, and nigh twice as tall as the Hobbit.[1]


Iorlas could either mean "Old Leaf" or "Old Joy" in Sindarin.


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