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Biographical Information
Other namesLórien, Lúrin
SiblingsMandos and Nienna.
Physical Description
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Irmo (Quenya, pronounced [ˈirmo]) was the true name of the Vala who was usually named Lórien ([ˈloːri.en]), which is rightly the place of his dwelling. He was the husband of Estë and the brother of Námo (more commonly known as Mandos) and Nienna.


Irmo and Námo were the Fëanturi, masters of spirits. Irmo, the younger, was the master of visions and dreams. His gardens in the land of the Valar at Lórien, where he dwelled with Estë the Gentle.[1]

When the Sun and Moon were originally set in their paths "Varda purposed that the two vessels should journey in Ilmen and ever be aloft". It was largely due to the prayers of Irmo and Estë, "who said that sleep and rest had been banished from the Earth", that Varda changed her council and allowed a time of night.[2]

After the birth of Fëanor, his mother Míriel languished and Manwë delivered her to the care of Irmo.[3]


Irmo means Desirer or Master of Desire. His common name Lórien (in Quenya) means Land of Dreams, so he is also given the title Master of Dreams. His Sindarin name is Lúrin ([ˈluːrin]).


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